Overview of the Helpers' impact around the world

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants have been active all over the world since they were first founded in Brooklyn by Msgr. Reilly over 20 years ago, in 1989.
Their prayerful presence at abortion sites has made a difference. Below is a short (and incomplete)overview of the impact that the Helpers have had over these years.
(Excerpted from various newsletters at the Helpers of God's Precious Infants of Brooklyn website : http://www.helpersny.org/newsarch.htm )

Brooklyn, NY
The Helpers were founded in 1989 by Msgr Reilly in Brooklyn. At the time, there were 43abortuaries. In 2008, 18 are left. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Rockland County, NY
The Helpers were started there in the early 1990's. In 2008, the 6th, and last, abortuary closed. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Dallas, TX
Fifteen years of prayer outside 12 abortuaries, brought their number down to 4 in 2008. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Sydney, AUS
In 2008, an abortuary in Camperdown was closed after 14 years of prayerful presence by the Helpers. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Bratislava, Slovakia
After many years of Helpers Prayer Procession, 3 of 5 public hospitals had stopped committing abortions by 2008. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Seattle, WA
In 2007, after many years of prayer by the Helpers, an abortuary closed after having been in operation for 34 years. (Source : April 2007 Newsletter)

Houston, TX
In 2007, an abortuary was closed following many years of the Helpers prayerful presence. (Source : October 2006 Newsletter)

Queens, NY
In 2006, a business man, moved by prayer vigils, bought a building in which an abortuary was located. He evicted the abortionist in order to put the building to better use. He then invited the bishop to come and bless it. The bishop led the faithful in prayer in the very room where the abortions used to take place. Later on, Msgr Reilly celebrated mass in that same room. (Source : April 2006 Newsletter)

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