Price tag on the unborn : 3$CAD

The following message was received from a vigiler :

On Nov. 25th, while I was praying a Rosary in front of the abortion clinic, a very troubled and anxious young man came out of the clinic and also crossed the street to speak with me. He asked me if " I give you some money, would you go away?"
I told him no I was here because I know what abortion does to women. He then said"You are traumatizing the women, up there "(I assume he had a girlfriend who was scheduled for an abortion... or was already in the midst, of the act of murder, of her own and his child).

I said gently to him that I was not traumatizing them... Abortion traumatizes people.

I told him , it led me to suicide. He appeared as if he himself was falling apart, on the verge of as breakdown, and again offered me 3 dollars, if I would go away for 20 minutes. I pointed to the Help word on my sign, and said, I could not do that, because I am there to help, even when they come out.

At that point he did not seem to know how to respond, and walked awy, still visbly distraught. I can only hope he took note of the phone number of the H.E.LP. line on the sign.

Let us pray for the young man and all the people who were involved and affected by the murder of the Blessed Innocents, that day, and everyday.

Especially, let us pray for all the children and plead God's Mercy.

- F.

I am continually amazed at the parallel between Golgotha and the abortuary. 2000 years ago Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Last week, the price on an unborn's baby's head was 3$CAD. In fact, this young man's attempt at bribery is rather risible. We take as models John and Mary, who followed Jesus all the way to the cross, not Judas, who betrayed him with a kiss...
Lord, forgive them, for they know not what they do.