A change of heart

On Friday Jan 22nd, I was standing across the street from the clinic holding My "I regret my abortion" sign and alternately showing the other side of it which reads "50 million killed, I choose life" and shows the two pictures of a baby intact before an abortion and a baby after an abortion, I noticed a man looked over at my sign and then wheeled a double stroller ( with 2 seat in the front part ) into the clinc. He had trouble getting the stroller in the door as it was broad.

As he was struggling with it my prayers from my heart cried out. Oh please don't take your children up there and don't put them through the horror of missing their sibling(S?) if an abortion were to happen.
I could see him move away as far as he could once inside the door, facing the elevator and he waited. Then a woman came walked down the street and entered the clinc and I knew they were together, because I could see them talking. They stayed there for awhile, I continued and praying and pleading with God to speak to their hearts, and not to long after they all came out, looked over at me again and walked and wheeled the stroller away.

I can only hope there was a Miraculous change of heart there, since I don't know for sure, but I hope so.