The Helpers activities since November 2009

Here is a breakdown of the Helpers activities since we officially launched this apostolate in Ottawa in November :

From mid-November to mid December :
There were 5 possible turnarounds. I say possible because we can't really be sure these women didn't go back at a later date. For most of them, we witnessed them going in and then leaving so soon that it wouldn't allow enough time for the abortion to have happened. For some, we saw them apparently change their minds before even going up to the abortuary.
All in all, 4 counsellors shared a total of 54,5 hours of sidewalk tim (an average of about 4 hours each per week) and 24 different people stood vigil for a total of 60 hours.

From mid-January to mid-February :
Three possible turnarounds, 69 hours of sidewalk counselling between 4 counsellors. 22 vigilers spent a total of 31 hours at the site.


Overview of the Helpers' impact around the world

The Helpers of God's Precious Infants have been active all over the world since they were first founded in Brooklyn by Msgr. Reilly over 20 years ago, in 1989.
Their prayerful presence at abortion sites has made a difference. Below is a short (and incomplete)overview of the impact that the Helpers have had over these years.
(Excerpted from various newsletters at the Helpers of God's Precious Infants of Brooklyn website : http://www.helpersny.org/newsarch.htm )

Brooklyn, NY
The Helpers were founded in 1989 by Msgr Reilly in Brooklyn. At the time, there were 43abortuaries. In 2008, 18 are left. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Rockland County, NY
The Helpers were started there in the early 1990's. In 2008, the 6th, and last, abortuary closed. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Dallas, TX
Fifteen years of prayer outside 12 abortuaries, brought their number down to 4 in 2008. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Sydney, AUS
In 2008, an abortuary in Camperdown was closed after 14 years of prayerful presence by the Helpers. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Bratislava, Slovakia
After many years of Helpers Prayer Procession, 3 of 5 public hospitals had stopped committing abortions by 2008. (Source : August 2008 Newsletter)

Seattle, WA
In 2007, after many years of prayer by the Helpers, an abortuary closed after having been in operation for 34 years. (Source : April 2007 Newsletter)

Houston, TX
In 2007, an abortuary was closed following many years of the Helpers prayerful presence. (Source : October 2006 Newsletter)

Queens, NY
In 2006, a business man, moved by prayer vigils, bought a building in which an abortuary was located. He evicted the abortionist in order to put the building to better use. He then invited the bishop to come and bless it. The bishop led the faithful in prayer in the very room where the abortions used to take place. Later on, Msgr Reilly celebrated mass in that same room. (Source : April 2006 Newsletter)


Possible turnarounds

A regular vigiler with the Helpers sent in this email :

I witnessed something very positive today, whilst standing with my "I regret my abortion" sign and praying my Rosary in the accompaniment of at least four
other Faithful prayer warriors.

I was standing to the left of the them, and I know two of them saw two young girls looking at me for some time, across the street , and talking to each other.
They were in front of the restaurant beside the clinic, and after a few minutes,
one of them moved forward as if she was going to come over and talk with me. She was looking right at me. Instead she moved back, but continued to speak to her friend. Her friend then got out her phone and made a call.

After a minute or two on the phone, she and her friend went over to the clinic door and went upstairs. They were only there a few minutes, because we all were surprised and elated when they came out the door, holding some kind of pamphlet, and walked quickly away. I'll never know for sure but , God has let me see what sure looked like it may have been a change of heart-For Life!

Thank You Lord.

Friday's experience was a tad different, yet all too familiar concerning the
confused youth when they are in the throes of darkness whilst undergoing the
evil of abortion and its mind games.

A young man came across the street whilst I was talking with W. and quite aggressively started berating me for "making " him guilty and others too, and that I was a pretty awful person for doing so, and so on and so on...
I tried to get a word in whist he ranted, just to say that first I was there to help not to "make" him "feel" guilty, but it was of no use, he was not hearing anyone, but himself, nor did he want to. I have witnessed this before it is what I call present abortion trauma anxiety while the abortion is taking place, and he was very obviously feeling the current of darkness descending on him,
receiving , only a touch of what the baby was feeling and the Mother, and what will yet come.

.{ No further comment, except to say he at least has a conscience about what he and his girlfriend were undertaking to
a certain degree and that is good, because it may bring them to repentance and God's Mercy soon, and I could only continue praying for God's healing to begin.

I did want to say though when he said that they were moving on with their
lives because they had careers and such and that he stressed they had
NO CHOICE, that yes...in fact they did have other choices beginning with adoption.
I never got to say that though, cause he was too angry and just
wanted to vent it and blame me for his misplaced confusion.

God help them both, and of course their child who is now in God's loving arms.

- F.

A few weeks ago, I also witnessed a turnaround. A pretty young woman was approaching the clinic. As I offered her our brochures which list the crisis pregnancy centres in the city, she exclaimed "I'm so glad to see this. I didn't know these places existed. My boyfriend and I don't really want to have this abortion, but we didn't know what else to do. We have no choice." She then said she would call the crisis pregnancy centre from the abortuary. I offered her change so she could make the phone call from the phone booth nearby. My initial hopes of a turnaround were beginning to diminish as she walked through the door at 65 Bank. I told her I'd be right there if she needed help.
As a was praying for her, a young man walked by and asked me what I was doing. When I showed him our brochures, he said "Oh, this is about the babies!". How right he is. I waited for some time and I still didn't see the young woman come out. I went across the street and asked the vigilers if they had seen her leave. They said that she did while I was speaking to the young man. I was sorry I didn't get to see her leave, but at least I know she left that day. Please keep her, her baby and the child's father in your prayers.