The Helpers activities since November 2009

Here is a breakdown of the Helpers activities since we officially launched this apostolate in Ottawa in November :

From mid-November to mid December :
There were 5 possible turnarounds. I say possible because we can't really be sure these women didn't go back at a later date. For most of them, we witnessed them going in and then leaving so soon that it wouldn't allow enough time for the abortion to have happened. For some, we saw them apparently change their minds before even going up to the abortuary.
All in all, 4 counsellors shared a total of 54,5 hours of sidewalk tim (an average of about 4 hours each per week) and 24 different people stood vigil for a total of 60 hours.

From mid-January to mid-February :
Three possible turnarounds, 69 hours of sidewalk counselling between 4 counsellors. 22 vigilers spent a total of 31 hours at the site.

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