Amazing News!

This very encouraging message was sent to me by one of our stalwart prayers on Bank St.

On Wednesday, May 24th something very encouraging took place whilst I was praying and witnessing in front of the abortuary at 65 Bank St.

A gentleman who was with two women and a child, stopped to speak with me as they were walking by.
He smiled a huge smile and thanked me profusely for being there, saying (and I paraphrase because it was more than a week ago), "Thank you so much for being here! You are doing God's work, and lives are being saved. He said it over at least three times, and the ladies with him, (whom I found out were, one- his wife and two-a grandmother), smiled broadly and chimed, in agreement, with affirmative nods of conviction and gratitude.

To be sure I was overwhelmed and renewed by this kind action of theirs, and he was so exited to continue to share with me.

He then lifted up a beautiful little girl, high up in the air for me to see, and said, "She is alive because of what you are doing!!!" I asked him her name and commented what a beautiful little girl she was. He proudly responded that her name was Helen, and I shared a little something personal with him, telling him that was the name of my Mom who passed away, May 13th, 1996, God Bless and rest her soul.

My Mom who was Pro-life, (in fact she went ahead and had me at the age of 38...which was more dangerous back then, after been told by her doctor, that she may die, I may die or we both may die if she proceeded with giving birth to me because I was upside down in her womb...A breach birth. She said later when I arrived-( all 9and a half pounds of me, to her 89 lbs, soaking wet!, that I was the most beautiful, happiest baby she had ever seen). I believe that was because she chose to put my life ahead of hers, and did not even hesitate to think twice, about what to do when it came to choosing life over death or herself. I was Blessed with such a Mother!. Please know I speak of her because she also died on May 13th (The Feast of Fatima ) and she loved Our Blessed Mother, and this encounter happened on May 24th. May is the month of Mary, and rich in the abundance of her graces.

He told me Helen had been born, July 16th, 2009, and that on April 9th, 2009, someone had handed him a brochure, when he and his wife came out of the Morgentaler facility. I believe it was one of the sidewalk counselors, who must have handed it to him.

At this point we were fast becoming friends and I was eager, because of this exiting life-saving news, to continue to share coincidences with him and added again,that my Mom's birthday was July 18th, 1919. I did not mention that one of the children who I lost in a miscarriage after later marrying my husband late in life, is named Helen, and I had her baptized along with my other children, Teresa, who was the girl lost to abortion, and John and Michael from other miscarriages.

This gentleman and beaming proud Papa was so kind and loving, as were his whole family and he introduced me to his wife and the grandmother as well as letting me see Helen close up. What a gift. It was so clear, God wants us to know what we are doing is making a difference.

I wish I could remember his name, which I believe he told me, but I thanked him very much as well, for taking the time to stop and affirm Gods plan for life that we his humble servants are privileged to be a part of and can only say the one proper response when called to act and that is, Yes, Lord be it done to me according to your Word`The same words uttered by Our Blessed Virgin and Mother in Heaven and Co-Redemptress and Mediatrix of King Jesus Christ....Mary.

May we continue to pray and do what Our Lord asks through the Intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary.

Mother Teresa says offer ALL prayers to God through Mary.

We will be amazed.

Pray, pray and pray many Rosaries,, and fast, then pray and fast some more, witness always in love, and if possible at Cavalry as well, winter, Spring Summer and Fall, in season and out of season, in hot or cold, whether we are alone or with others, but continue to persevere, and NEVER, NEVER cease or give up till we see final victory over this giant, who can be slain,( and indeed will be.) (Remember David and Goliath)and we will continue to see more lives saved.

In Him
For Life

Frances W.

WOW! Considering all the hours that have been prayed on that sidewalk since the opening of that place, knowing that one child's life was saved makes it all worth it. We know there were others. Praise God!

This is why the Helpers keep going back there.


Pro-Life Mass and Rosary Procession

Saturday July 9th, 2011
From St. Patrick's Basilica to abortion facility at 65 Bank St.

Lead by Fr. Daryl Kennedy

Times (approx.) are as follows :

8:00 am - Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
  • Offered by Fr. Daryl Kennedy at St. Patrick's Basilica
  • (corner of Kent and Nepean Streets)

8:30 am - Holy Rosary Procession

  • Prayerful and peaceful procession to abortion facility at 65 Bank St.
  • Holy Rosary, Prayers and Hymns (Total walking approx. 12 blocks)

10:00 am - Eucharistic Benediction

  • Return to St. Patrick's for Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament
  • Refreshments and social to follow.
Please join us - you really do make all the difference.Bring a friend.

For those who are unable to come in person, please be with us in prayer.

To download a poster, click on the image to the right.