Ground Zero report - Nov. 19th

This is the first time I've gone back out to the vigil site since the end of the 40 Days. I arrived at 7:30 am, and there were already two vigilers who had been praying since 7 am.

The vigiler schedule was filled today except for one hour, from 10 to 11 am.

Thanks to all who prayed for the little ones and their mothers today, whether you were at the site or wherever duty called.

This has been an encouraging day. It started out pretty much the usual way. Most women going in ignored us. I noticed one woman in particular who looked rather sullen on her way towards the abortuary. She was a few paces in front of her boyfriend. They were not speaking. They both refused the literature I offered them. They first went in the door at 71 Bank. A few minutes later they came out again and this time C., the other sidewalk counsellor, who was standing on the other side of the door, offered them some information. Again they refused. About 30 minutes later, not long enough to have had an abortion, she came out crying, with him following, trying to keep up with her. I again offered our help, but he simply said "No thanks". It does appear that she changed her mind, or maybe they both did. Please keep them in your prayers that God may guide this young couple to welcome this new human being, this child of theirs.
At about 12:45, a pretty young woman accepted the brochures I offered to her. She seemed relieved at the news that there were places she could go to for help. I explained to her the services they offered. She mentioned that both she and her boyfriend didn't really want to go through with an abortion, but that they had no money. I encouraged her to pray for guidance and she readily accepted the rosary I offered her. She even chose her own color. I proceeded to explain to her that she really needs to rethink what she's about to do, as this is an irreversible choice. I pointed to F. and her "I regret my abortion" sign and told her about the women I know who do regret their abortions. She then pointed to the telephone and said she would like to phone one of the crisis pregnancy centres. But still, she entered 65 Bank St.
Msgr. Reilly teaches that this is no reason to panic. He doesn't mind if the women go in. In fact, it helps them to see the stark reality of abortion. He has had more turnarounds after the women have gone in than otherwise. I was hoping to go home at around 1pm, but I decided to wait for her to come out. About 30 minutes later, a young French-Canadian man walked by and started chatting with me. He asked me if it was a private clinic. I explained that abortion is covered by OHIP. His response was "That's monstrous!" I agreed.
At about 2pm, a couple in their mid to late twenties went in. She was hiding her face in her scarf. Five minutes or so later, they came out slowly, both staring at F.'s "I regret my abortion" sign. I offered our brochures and the man took them. As they walked away towards Queen St. they read through all of them, all the while, their pace quickening. Was it that their decision to keep their child was getting stronger with each step? I pray that it was so.
I kept waiting for the young woman who had spoken to me to come back out of the clinic. I waited almost two hours, as long as I could stay, but I still didn't see her come out.
As I left, I went across the street to thank the vigilers who were there praying. F. said she saw the young woman leave the clinic as I was speaking to the young man. I hope it really was her.
I was quite an eventful day, very encouraging after the intensity of the spiritual battle during the 40 Days for Life campaign. I ask all of you to pray for these three women, and the fathers of these babies, that they all do indeed embrace and welcome these new human beings. May our Lord turn the hearts of these parents towards their children.
We must also not forget the babies who were left to die there today. We entrust them to the mercy of God. As for their parents, may they receive the grace to repent and to be reconciled to God.

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God bless you for this wonderful work!