Abortion survivor chooses life for her children

Also, on Thursday November 19th , a young woman who gave her name and then later introduced me to her partner and her young baby who was in a stroller approached me when I was standing with my sign asking about my sign and also if it was some organized effort, and
if it was alright , in the case that they may come to stand there with their child (one of them... the oldest 2 and a half years, I believe was the age).They had their 5 month old son with them. They said they would come next week. She is also pregnant now with their third child.

We shared a lot, and she told me her mother had had 5 abortions and her mother (who had a drug problem), had wanted her to have one when she first became pregnant.

Instead, this beautiful sweet girl, wise in ways not many are these days, went ahead and had her child, and oh, what a beautiful testimony she went on to give.

She spoke to me about how hard it is for teenage women when they decide to keep their children, and even the pressure of them being pregnant. She also said she wished more teenage women would be there as well.
I agreed. She told me that although it was not easy , she never would have taken the life of her child.

She said she knew what the baby goes through in an abortion. I had already spoken about the silent scream.

We talked and talked and I ended my part of the dialogue, by telling her and her boyfriend, that she was such a Blessing to me from God, and that her witness to God's Truth in how she courageously went and did the His Will was music to my ears.

Also, Friday, when I went down to stand with my Silent No More sign I met some other wonderful people, and I witnessed a turnaround !
I saw a woman after she looked over at my sign, go in the door of 65 Bank.
She was walking very quickly and was very serious looking. Almost immediately after she went in the door, stood there for a minute, she turned around and walked very quickly out the door and quickly down the street.

I thanked God and Mother Mary for what appeared to be a turnaround by the circumstances.

- F.

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