Choice... but not too much

Last Saturday, as we were three sidewalk counsellors present, I went back across the street to pray (we try to keep our numbers to two counsellors at one time). From there, I watched as our newly trained counsellor stood as a sentinel on the sidewalk. Unseen by her, however, there were two abortion workers sitting on the steps to 63 Bank. As one client of the abortuary came out, our sidewalk counsellor handed her a Rachel's Vineyard flyer, telling women about healing after abortion. As the woman reached out to take it, one of the workers jumped to her side, put her arm around her and ushered her back into the building. They stayed inside until a man (maybe her father?) arrived to pick her up. By the time the woman and her father left the building, the workers had gone back upstairs. As they left, our sidewalk counsellor offered the flyer once again. This time, unhindered by the staff, they took it.
And I thought it was all about choice. "Trust women" they say. Apparently, by becoming the client of an abortuary, a woman loses the choice to obtain information from someone other than an abortion worker.

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